Two Waters Strategic Framework

Towns & Cities

We were commissioned to prepare a strategic framework for the Two Waters area, south of Hemel Hempstead town centre. The framework will help guide and shape future development proposals and has been based on a series of consultation responses.

Two Waters is an area of approximately 124 hectares located on the southern edge of Hemel Hempstead. There is a varied mix of land uses in the area, including residential, light industrial, retail and community uses, together with large and valuable recreational spaces in the centre.

The risk facing the area right now is of a series of ad hoc or piecemeal redevelopment proposals that fails to join and fail to maximise the opportunities presented by the conditions of this fascinating rural-urban edge. The area is experiencing growing pressure for change and in response to this pressure, Dacorum Borough Council has commissioned Feria Urbanism to produce a strategic framework to provide clear planning and design guidance for this part of the town.