South Ashford Garden Community

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Feria Urbanism were appointed by Ashford Borough Council to provide urban design advice on the South Ashford Garden Community.

The project comprises three schemes at Chilmington Green, Court Lodge and Kingsnorth Green. Much of our work has been focused on developing a stronger relationship between the three developments and with the existing Ashford urban area. A key point of consideration is the proposed Discovery Park, a large green space sitting between the Court Lodge and Chilmington Green development sites.

We have been able to use our experience and expertise to provide Ashford Borough Council with fresh design drawings and new ideas about working with the context of the sites, to create a coherent vision for the South Ashford Garden Community. Through this advice and our new design ideas, we have been able to influence the proposed layout of Court Lodge in particular.

The original concept design for the Court Lodge site was developed by Urban Wildness on behalf of Hallam Land. The design has since been developed further by Urban Wilderness and has now been submitted as an outline planning application.