Wayfinding [Phase One]

Streets & Spaces

The Whitehill & Bordon regeneration project has been awarded Healthy New Town (HNT) status as part of an NHS pilot programme. One of the aims of the HNT programme improve the urban environment, making active travel a more convenient option for local people.

The identified route runs over 2.2 kms between Mill Chase Road and the new development, passing the proposed Health Hub, the new EHDC leisure centre, as well as linking most of schools in the town. The aim is to remodel this into a “healthy street” of local importance. This street can become a template for encouraging healthy, active, and sustainable forms of movement, linking recreational destinations and healthcare provision.

A series of exploratory workshops were undertaken in late February and early March 2018. These explored meaningful street enhancements, rest stops, signage, and electronic wayfinding, and involved school children and local representatives.

Following these initial workshops, a second demonstration stage will use locally-generated ideas and apply these in a targeted fashion along the street, involving monitoring from local children and community groups. Initiatives and ideas might include growing spaces, personalised imagery and directions in the pavement, enhanced pedestrian and cycle priority, and wheelchair friendly surface treatments.

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