Totton Town Centre Vision

Towns & Cities

Feria Urbanism were commissioned by New Forest District Council create a vision for Totton Town Centre. Our final report captures the results of a community engagement exercise that explored ways in which Totton town centre can improve.

Suggestions include changes to the events, activities, and retail offering so the town centre can better act as a destination for the local area, all with the backdrop that the nearby waterside area accommodates substantial housing growth over the coming years. The study team has undertaken a community engagement process that has informed a two levels of proposed interventions. These are described as 1) quick wins and 2) strategic recommendations.

The quick wins comprise community-led initiatives and meanwhile use projects that can be put in place relatively quickly. It is expected that these will create a shift in perceptions around the identity of the town centre and increase footfall.

The strategic recommendations comprise more costly and disruptive changes to the built environment, including significant urban design interventions. These longer term recommendations provide the basis for a future comprehensive urban design framework that will help guide design, planning and investment decisions in the town centre.