Horseshoe Common

Streets & Spaces

One of the recommendations from our 2012 Bournemouth By Night study was the creation of a fresh new public realm at Horsehoe Common, right in the heart of the town’s night time economy district.

The thinking behind this specific recommendation was that a transformation away from a traffic-dominated environment towards a welcoming pedestrian-friendly environment will help leverage new investment into residential and food-led businesses, helping shift the area away from its previous focus on alcohol-led uses that had in turn given rise to its poor reputation. We prepared the concept drawings for this project and the works were implemented as part the Council’s “Three Towns Travel” programme.

Providing an open space for people to enjoy the area in a safe manner was a key part of the scheme. New seating offers people the opportunity to dwell and relax in the green open space, whilst providing a great area for events.

The area now has a modern street layout, fresh open space and new street furniture and investment in new uses and daytime activities is starting to take hold, beginning the revitalisation of this part of the town centre.