Detling Village Visioning Study

Neighbourhoods & Districts

Our innovative study sets out a vision for the village of Detling in Kent and clearly explains the thinking behind the changes it suggests. It presents a coherent and realistic vision for the future — a future in which Detling is a viable and sustainable rural settlement; a prosperous, safe, attractive, and comfortable place in which to live, work and visit.

Our 2009 report is a companion document to the Detling Village Design Statement, prepared in parallel by the parish council. Both reports follow from the Detling Parish Plan, prepared in 2005, that recommended the need for both a design statement and a longer term vision to guide the future of the village. Our work pre-dates formal neighbourhood planning by several years yet captures the same ambition and scope since described by the 2012 neighbourhood planning regulations.

All ideas were tested through a public consultation, with a public exhibition and a series of question and answer sessions held in the village hall in January 2009. This exhibition included a series of options for change and growth. The opinions of the local community were gauged through questionnaire responses and preferred options were worked up to a further level of detail.