Dacorum Green Belt Workshops

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Dacorum Borough Council has an obligation to deliver development which meets the economic, housing, and other needs of the borough. In response to this, the council proposes to accommodate more than 11,000 new homes between 2006 and 2031.

While a large part of the provision is being directed to built-up areas, the council estimates that land for around 1,550 homes needs to be found on new Green Belt sites through local allocations. These will be located around the main settlements, principally Hemel Hempstead.

In 2013, Feria Urbanism organised and ran a series of three workshops series to better inform these local allocations. All three workshops were attended by representative stakeholders, including residents, representatives of community groups and the county council. The workshop series was also observed by Dacorum Borough Council planning officers and landowner representatives. The events examined how land parcels within these broad allocation areas can be set aside for open space, primary schools with school playing fields, streets and other connections, drainage, and landscape works.

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