Weymouth After Dark

Towns & Cities

We were asked to examine how Weymouth town centre functions after dark, with specific regard to its licensing and policing strategies together with land use planning, urban design, and management issues. The views and experiences of users and non-users of Weymouth town centre after dark were crucial to help shape and develop the vision. Our engagement process comprised stakeholder interviews, focus groups and participatory workshops and revealed potential for positive change and an enthusiasm for increased diversity and a wider participation in civic life after dark.

Our report identifies five themes that are considered essential to a healthy, safe, and successful town centre after dark: Local culture, family friendly, action and sports, fine dining and dancing and music. At present, the after dark experience in Weymouth town centre is dominated by the Music and Dancing theme, and while this is a positive attribute to the town, other themes are noticeably under-represented. The report therefore recommends practical measures to create a greater mix of uses that will broaden Weymouth’s appeal for long term cultural and economic success.

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