Reading Town Centre Heritage Action Zone

Streets & Spaces

Feria Urbanism were commissioned by Reading Borough Council and Historic England’s High Streets Heritage Action Zone fund to consider the future of three conservation areas in the town centre. These are the Oxford Road Conservation Area, the Market Place and London Road Conservation Area, and the St Mary’s Butts Conservation Area.

The project began with a series of site visits and the engagement of the public in each of the three areas. We used our large-scale engagement boards which attracted attention and helped our team to connect with over 100+ people. We wanted to find out what people thought about each space within the town centre and how it could be improved. Further consultation was carried out through a purpose-built website.

After the successful engagement phase, the findings were translated into a series of ideas and projects for the three areas. These were tested with the client side and Historic England and form the basis for future changes to the areas.