Enter The Forest

Towns & Cities

Have your heard of the Fifteen Minute City? Well, the Feria Urbanism team are developing the concept of the Fifteen Minute Forest. Addressing the climate crisis is the critical question of our age. It is clear to us that grassroots action, if taken everywhere, will become global action. In our capacity as community facilitators and neighbourhood plan writers we are helping communities to put ecology at the centre of their neighbourhood plans.

Sometimes working locally can feel like taking exceedingly small steps but if all individual gardeners, streets, neighbourhoods, and communities, adopted a wilding or greening strategy we could collectively deliver real change. These are conversations that have been high on the agenda when our team meet up so when we were approached by the In Between Time Festival based in Bristol, to undertake a four year research project we started to apply ideas the established ideas of the Fifteen Minute City to address concerns about dwindling biodiversity and access to green space.

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