Dorchester Local Plan Response

Towns & Cities

Dorchester Town Council appointed us to help them produce a response to the Joint Local Plan Review for West Dorset, Weymouth, and Portland Initial Issues & Options Consultation.

The Feria Urbanism team collated and interpreted the views of town council members to inform the content of this response document. The process involved workshops, one-to-one meetings, and attendance at formal committees. Members of the town council were keen to be engaged, as were outside organisations that share the same aims and concerns as the town council.

This response that we prepared took the form of a series of statements and questions that arose following a review of the issues and options work. There was also a series of answers to some of the specific questions asked by the formal consultation process.

Finally, our report presented a series of planning and design challenges for the local planning authority, developers, and landowners regarding the successful delivery of new development. These challenges need to be successfully addressed for the town council to have confidence in the spatial concepts being proposed through the issues and options work.