Bournemouth University Student Centre

Plots & Blocks

The new Student Centre at Bournemouth University opened in 2015 and the team from Feria Urbanism were a key influence on the design quality and design character of the interior spaces.

We were commissioned by Students’ Union at Bournemouth University to run an engagement project with students to find out more information about how the students wanted the new building to perform. The results were used to inform the detailed design and fit-out stages of the design and planning process as the project moved towards construction.

Our project methodology involved three key stages of engagement. The first was a series of one-to-one interviews between the study team and stakeholders that allowed them to make known their own position on the anticipated purpose and function of the new building. These themes were then used to inform the second stage, a half-day participatory workshop, attended by 20 students and was a core part of the engagement exercise.

In parallel with these two strands of work was a third element, an ongoing observational study and photographic record of student behaviours i.e. how people use indoor and outdoor space around the campus at the present. The final interior design of the Student Centre is a direct result of many of the ideas generated by our three-stage process.