Bexleyheath Revitalisation

Streets & Spaces

Feria Urbanism has helped design an exciting series of new civic spaces in Bexleyheath. This work reimagined several car-dominated junctions as more balanced pedestrian-friendly spaces.

This project built on the recommendations from our previous study, the Bexleyheath NightVision report. While our initial study was focussed on the performance of the town after dark, the final report also identified key areas of change that would benefit the town centre over a 24 hour cycle. This report was instrumental in securing a £4.13m delivery fund from Transport for London.

The public realm improvements include the introduction of new civic spaces, the removal of three sets of traffic signals, improvements to street lighting and street furniture and new tree planting. Since the works were completed, the local Business Improvement District has identified a 55% reduction in the number of vacant shop units and the project won the “Excellence in Walking and Public Realm” category at the 2014 London Transport Awards. The judges described the works as a well-thought out plan that comprehensively transforms the heart of Bexleyheath.