Winton High Street Project

Richard is supporting the Winton High Street project in a voluntary capacity, offering his urban design, street design and public consultation skills to the group. Winton High Street is a social and economic hub for the Winton neighbourhood of Bournemouth, just a few minutes’ walk from the Second Floor Studio.

The project is run by a steering group of volunteers, comprising local business representatives and residents. The steering group is seeking to build a consensus around the preferred changes to this busy high street.

As the high street local to our office, we have an interest in its continued success. We passionately believe that a redistribution of road space, improvements to make walking and cycling more convenient and more pleasant, and the creation of places where people can sit outdoors and spend time on the street will help Winton High Street thrive into the future.

Year: 2016
Project Type: Public Space
Client: Local Residents & Business Group
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset