Waterfront IMAX Redevelopment

We were commissioned by Bournemouth Borough Council to provide specific advice on role and purpose of the former IMAX cinema site once demolition was completed in 2013.

The IMAX building was demolished to make way for what has been described as an outdoor performance venue and our work provide advice on the design, management, and animation of the newly created space.

In order to optimise the benefits the resulting civic space, there was a need to thoroughly understand of how the newly created outdoor space can play a complementary role alongside exiting spaces in the town centre; appreciate how the immediate environmental, economic and social context will influence the space; assess how the context of the site informs a robust set of design principles; develop a schedule of architecture interventions and themes that could be best applied to the site; schedule a suggested list of events, activities and design interventions suitable for the space. Our report brought together these various supporting strands of work to inform the final treatment and management of the new civic space.

Year: 2012
Project Type: Development Brief
Client: Bournemouth Borough Council
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset