Velodrome Pavilion Building

Feria Urbanism were commissioned by Bournemouth Borough Council to produce a feasibility report for a new sports and community pavilion building at the Slades Farm Open Space, Bournemouth.

The new building would replace one or more of the existing buildings on the site. The feasibility results were informed by the Council’s own project brief, site assessments by the design team, extensive discussions with Sport England and information and ideas provided by a series of stakeholder interviews.

The long-established facilities of grass pitches for team sports and the concrete bowl skate park have recently been complemented by the addition of a dedicated dog exercise zone, a community garden, a sign-posted running trail, a permanent orienteering course and a 250m outdoor velodrome. These recent additions have made Slades Farm a popular destination for both residents within walking distance and those living and working further away across the conurbation. The velodrome is of regional significance and can attract competitive cyclists from across the south of England during the summer months when it is most active.

The key element now missing from the successful mix of uses and activities at Slades Farm is a high quality pavilion building and our feasibility work showed how this could be successfully delivered on site.

Team: Feria Urbanism, ETC Urban
Year: 2015
Project Type: Sports Development
Client: Bournemouth Borough Council
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset