Stratton Bates Recreation Ground

Feria Urbanism was appointed by New Alresford Town Council to work with young people to redesign the play space at the Stratton Bates recreation ground.

The aim and ambition of the engagement events was to work with children local to the Stratton Bates Recreation Ground, gaining their unique perspectives on potential types of new play equipment. The project team encouraged children from Sunhill Junior School to design their own “dream play areas” using plasticine, small wooden sticks, and other modelling equipment. The team supported the children in being as creative as possible, recording their thoughts and designs as they created and presented; ensuring every idea was recorded to be collated and analysed.

At Perins Secondary school, the team spoke directly with the students, instigating focus group conversations on their options of existing public spaces, how they use them and how they believe these could be improved.

Each workshop helped the team gain a greater understanding of the various wishes from within different age groups for the Stratton Bates Recreation Ground, but also helped us begin to consider how they ideas could begin to form an integrated park design, appreciated and able to be used by all ages.

Year: 2020
Project Type: Public Space
Client: New Alresford Town Council
Location: New Alresford, Hampshire