Hawkhurst Neighbourhood Plan

Hawkhurst Parish Council appointed us to assist them in the preparation of its neighbourhood plan. We worked closely with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on this project.

As part of the plan preparation phase, we ran a successful design forum with residents and businesses. During the 72 hours we were in the village, our team developed new ideas for traffic management, for the location of new community facilities and for better integration between the outlying settlements and the places that contain the main services and facilities. We also tested the appropriateness of new development sites.

We worked with over 100 residents and local people to develop a consensus over these ideas, and we are now refining the results into a series of planning policy themes.

The final plan was approved at referendum in February 2018 with a 91% yes vote on a turnout of 35%.

Team: Feria Urbanism, Ben Hamilton-Baillie
Year: 2015
Project Type: Neighbourhood Plan
Client: Hawkhurst Parish Council
Location: Hawkhurst, Kent