Halesworth Sports Campus

We developed a framework plan to guide the redevelopment of a redundant school site in Suffolk as it is redeveloped into a new community campus with a continuing emphasis on education and sport.

Our framework plan also expressed a coherent vision for the site, within the context of the town as a whole, which will help attract investment and funding, and seeks to explain the vision to the wider public in an easy to understand way. This was seen as crucial if the community campus proposal is to maintain its current high level of public support and understanding.

The focus of the campus will be a broad mix of community and educational uses within which sports, health and fitness will play a significant role. Within this environment a healthy sporting culture can develop.

A fundamental underpinning of the framework plan is the concept of a campus whereby different sports groups, clubs and organisations are located together on a single campus site and share facilities. This will allow different clubs and different participants to gain a greater exposure for what they do and how they operate to help them obtain a wider audience for recruitment.

Team: Feria Urbanism, UBU Design, ETC Urban
Year: 2012
Project Type: Sports Development
Client: Halesworth Community Interest Company
Location: Halesworth, Suffolk