Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan

Faversham Town Council appointed Feria Urbanism to assist them in the finalisation of its neighbourhood plan.

The neighbourhood plan covers just the area around the inland creek. The plan aims to create a sustainable mix of residential uses, leisure, and light industry, with a focus on maritime trades. Our task was to refine the draft plan considering the pre-submission consultation comments received. As part of this process, we created many diagrams and design principles sketches to help bring to life the policy text.

The examiner’s report considered the submitted neighbourhood plan to have a “… clear structure, being sensibly divided into seven appropriate sections”. The examiner commends the plan for being “… well written, logical, clear, appropriately concise and intelligible to a reasonably intelligent lay reader with no expertise in town and country planning”. We were incredibly pleased to read this conclusion.

The final plan was approved at referendum in May 2017 with an 88% yes vote on a turnout of 42%.

Year: 2014
Project Type: Neighbourhood Plan
Client: Swale Borough Council
Location: Faversham, Kent