Feria Urbanism employ a co-creative approach to design and planning. We often begin a project by running a range of engagement events, both digital and real world. We listen and learn from what we hear. Our analysis of the information gathered informs how we move forward to resolve a project brief. We produce designs both in-house and through collaborative work with architects, engineers, and other design disciplines. We have used this process as the foundation for writing city vision documents and neighbourhood plans, designing town squares, parks, and gardens, walking networks and in response to public art commissions.

1 Day / On-Site Experimentation

Our team can meet you and your community on site for one day to help design your new public space. Using our bespoke kit of scaled building blocks – and working with video, photo, and lighting techniques – we offer exciting and practical ways to engage communities in the design of playful and inclusive public spaces. This allows real time experimentation and the prototyping of new ideas. Results are recorded and then translated into design principles and project briefs. We can also build smaller scale models for off-site use that capture and express community-led ideas.

2 Days / Training & Education

Jennie and Richard are skilled teachers, communicators, and educators. Both have extensive experience in the higher education sector. They understand how to design and deliver exciting lectures, talks, and workshops. Working together, they can organise and run two-day training events for design professionals, local authorities, schools, universities, and businesses. Topics include urban design, town planning, co-creative practice, and community engagement techniques. Our training and education offer can also include study tours and site visits together with written materials to support training delivery.

3 Days / Design & Planning Events

Several of our neighbourhood plans have included intensive multi-agency design events. Over three days, we will transform your town or village hall into an open access design studio, where everybody is welcome to contribute ideas. Working late into the night, our team will build consensus, synthesise concepts, create detailed drawings, and make rapid design-led progress on the big issues that affect your neighbourhood. For example, you might use this type of event to map a greening strategy, define a local design code, develop planning policy content, or problem-solve conflicts over how public space is used.

5 Days / Green Your Neighbourhood

Our work enhances local ecologies. We remain fascinated at the relationship between people and places, the urban and the wilderness. We make the connections between wildlife, tranquillity, human habitation, social justice, and the future of green living. Over five days, we can work with you, using both practical and theoretical techniques, to build capacity and transform your patch on the planet. Our co-creative tasks include skills training, green infrastructure mapping, site identification, proposals drawings, site preparation, planting, and the installation of kit…. and on completion, celebration of a job well done.

10 Year / City Vision Report

We take the long view and understand the need for culture change in official organisations and communities. We apply our creative, incisive, and strategic thinking to urban developments and the evolving landscape. Our city visions are more than just an urban design framework as they include recommendations for how communities can participate in the delivery of change over the decade ahead. As part of a multi-disciplinary team – and using both real world and digital techniques – Feria Urbanism was instrumental in the successful production of a highly-regarded ten year vision for the city of Winchester.