We provide our public and private sector clients with:

Workshops that engage communities and make sense of complex aspirations

Plans, policies, and proposals that are successfully supported at referendum

Events and discussions that are conclusive and generate actionable outcomes

Maps, diagrams, videos, and illustrations that engage different user groups

Urban design concepts that are responsive to site context and project requirements

Processes and activities that refine strategies prior to implementation

Our projects are often shaped by three phases


We consider carefully what people say (and what they do not say) and look for themes, patterns, and threads in these words. This help us understand the complexities within people and places. We can help give them a voice.


We work with people, places, and communities. We integrate our skills with architects, engineers, landscape designers, graphic designers, filmmakers, sound designers, surveyors, developers, landowners, and digital media experts.


We articulate complex ideas and proposals in ways that excite, engage, illuminate, and inspire. We are confident speaking to large audiences. We can chair discussions and moderate debates, both in person and on digital platforms.

Training & Education

We have a successful track record in urban design training and education projects. We have worked with all age groups, from primary school children, through to the design and delivery of modules and lectures at several leading universities.

We also offer bespoke training events for local authority officers and members, and capacity building courses for neighbourhood planning groups.

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Design Review

Richard is a member of three design review panels, where he provides impartial and independent advice on plans and proposals. Design review is a process that seeks to improve the quality of projects from the earliest concept through to the planning application stages, recommending changes and improvements.

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