Green your neighbourhood

Feria Urbanism invite community groups to work with us to green their neighbourhood. This is an innovative service we have developed to help communities map local greening programmes and add their own ideas and projects into the mix. The process of making a “green plan” is derived from tactics and strategies we have learnt while making neighbourhoods plans. The focus of these events is to create joined-up thinking on biodiversity.

We have put together a programme that enables communities to come up with a collective map for greening their neighbourhood – be that a village, town, suburb or even entire city. The green map can be used as a tool to create consensus about where protected green spaces should be and to allocate what type of new green spaces are needed. For example, a meadow, a mix of wild gardens and social spaces, dense forests, or open play areas. The resulting green plan can be embedded into an emerging neighbourhood plan or influence the relevant local plan.

Our green plan service can be tailored to local needs and budgets so please get in touch if you are interested.